What is this site for?

I have no idea. It’s here for some or all of the following reasons, and possibly others:

  • Not having a blog is so 2002.
  • I have things to say, and my IM away message is overstrained in serving as my soapbox. Seriously.
  • I needed an excuse to learn some PHP and polish my HTML and CSS skills.
  • I’m actually the instrument of a expansive conspiracy by the Smithsonian Institution and Major League Baseball and this blog is a tiny part of their vast and ineffable plan.

Why is it called dystmesis?

Dystmesis, along with interrobang and a few others, is a favorite word of mine. A dystmesis involves the insertion of one word into another (more…), and this site is my attempt at “getting my word in”, so to speak — in, possibly, an unlikely or unexpected place.